Presented by StrongFirst™ Certified Instructors, David Quasha SFG, Robert Villier SFG, and Lauren Richards SFG - Media Kettlebells is the first 'Hardstyle' Kettlebell Training class in Media, PA. Hardstyle strength and conditioning is a safe, highly effective, progressive, skill-based practice that can be applied to weight training of all kinds, and particularly to the versatile kettlebell - literally - a gym with a handle!
Kettlebell training is a skill practice -  more akin to a martial art or yoga than to just hitting the gym and 'working out'. It's mindful and rewarding. (And it's a great workout too). Achieve levels of strength and power you would have never imagined. This is not your average smash-yourself-to-a-pulp, all-out fitness self-destruction. Training hardstyle will leave you feeling energized, powerful, resilient, and strong - attributes that will carry over to everything you do in your daily life, work, and play.
We employ principles taught by StrongFirst™,  a supportive network of several thousand members, leaders, athletes, fighters, first responders, active duty military, clinicians, stay home moms and dads, coaches, educators, and trainers of all ages, from all over the world. At MKB we incorporate bodyweight calisthenics, plyometrics, mobility work, and dynamic kettlebell strength and conditioning, to help you achieve your fitness goals: improve body composition, lose weight, gain strength and explosive power, improve endurance, and increase mobility. That...and it's really fun!
To learn more about StrongFirst™ and Hardstyle strength training, please visit and explore! Get comfy - you may end up there for a while. ;)
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"You're Guaranteed a great class!"

I live in Media and I am so excited that Dave will be teaching classes in town. I've done some training with Dave over the years in different places and he is a very knowledgeable kettlebell teacher.  He clearly has a passion for the work and you will love learning from him. You're guaranteed a great class!  - Judy C.

"His focus on proper technique and safety make him a good instructor..."

"I’ve had the good fortune to train with David on multiple occasions, and each time enjoyed myself immensely. His focus on proper technique and safety make him a good instructor, but what makes him great are qualities like his passion for fitness, patience, sense of humor, and ability to work easily with complete beginners as well as more experienced kettlebell practitioners. Even though I already had some experience when I came to him for training, he was able to help me correct and improve on my basic techniques and form, which are essential to proper kettlebell practice.
If you are even slightly curious about this kind of training, I highly encourage you to check out a class with David and discover this incredibly fun method of getting stronger and healthier." - David T.

"I've been training with the David privately and It's been a game changer for my training..."

"Anyone in the Delco area interested in solid kettlebell training should check this place out. Great instruction. I've been training with the David privately and It's been a game changer for my training and all around and everyday life strength, especially bending, squatting, and twisting while holding a kid and a car seat!" - Raj L.